Reiki Classes for Health Care Professionals

Reiki Classes for Health Care ProfessionalsAs a Holistic nurse and Reiki Master Teacher, I offer Reiki Level I, II and Advanced Reiki Practitioner classes for Health Care Professionals. I have taught at several major NYC hospitals, Mid-Hudson OR staff, Long Island VA Medical Center, various Massage Schools, and several NY Nursing schools at the Nurse Practitioner level, for college credit. My Reiki classes are a synthesis of traditional and Western Reiki designed to meet the needs of the Health Care Professional both personally and professionally.

With the increasing stressors in health care, it is becoming more important for health care professionals to take care of themselves: to nurture their spirit; to maintain their stamina; to replenish their energy. Self-care and maintaining balance in one’s personal and professional lives becomes of utmost importance. Reiki is a wonderful healing system for self-care. It can provide care to the caretaker and is a way for the practitioner to take care of themselves.

With the general state of health care, Reiki is the way to bring compassion and balance back into hospitals and health care settings. With its simplicity and easy accessibility, it is readily available to patients and health care providers in a multitude of settings. Nurses on the front line of patient care have the perfect opportunity to be the movers and shakers in establishing Reiki in hospitals and as a routine part of patient care. Reiki brings back compassionate touch and humanizes patient care.

Advanced Reiki Practitioner (ARP) Training

NYU Langone Long Island, Winthrop Campus

Live, onsite training offered to all enterprise employees
by Kathie Lipinski, RN, MSN

 Usui Reiki Training, 6 RN/SW Contact hours


Course Overview: This workshop provides the nurse/health care professional with advanced knowledge and skills for working with patients and/or clients with the focus on healing the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Its wholistic approach promotes caring for the self while caring for others. The knowledge and skills learned in Advanced Practitioner empowers the nurse/health care practitioner both personally and professionally and impacts their practice to better function in today’s challenging health care environments. Key elements of the training include advanced knowledge of Reiki practice, methods to reduce stress, promoting and optimizing health, building confidence and skills as a practitioner, increasing understanding and utilization of the practice within the academic medical institution, and optimizing the practice for self-care.

Date: September 28, 2023

Time: 9:00PM – 5:00PM (Please arrive 15 minutes early. Class starts promptly at 9AM)

Training Includes: Advanced Reiki Practitioner (ARP) Manual • Lecture, Attunement, Experiential, and Practice • Healthy Lunch • ARP Certificate • If eligible Nursing/Social Work contact hours & Certificate.

What you will learn in class: Advanced Practices for Self-Care • Integration of Advanced Reiki practice in Clinical Settings • The Advanced Practice Reiki Symbol and its uses • Reiki Moving Meditation • The Levels of Byosen and increasing perception practices • Practice time giving and receiving Reiki and so much more.

Taught by: Kathie Lipinski, RN, MSN, CH

Training location: NYU Long Island, Winthrop Campus—Collaborative Space, Room 3- 059

Tuition: $275 per person (includes lunch & manual)
Pre-requisites:  Completion of Level 2 Reiki a minimum of 3 months prior to course date.

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 Advanced Reiki Practitioner (ARP) Training

Tuition: $275 per person (includes lunch & manual)

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If you or your institution are interested in these classes, please contact me for more information.

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