Reiki Class Descriptions

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Western–Style Reiki

All classes are a combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration and hands on practice. Class manual is mailed to you when you register for class with deposit. Certificates are given upon completion of class.

What you will learn in class:

REIKI I — $200

  • What Reiki is and how it heals
  • What Reiki can be used for
  • The history of Reiki and the Reiki Precepts
  • Guided Meditation to prepare for attunement
  • Reiki I Attunement
  • Hands on Practice
  • Hand positions for self-treatment
  • Hand positions for treating others
  • And so much more

REIKI II — $225

  • Questions and answers from Reiki I
  • The Reiki Symbols and how to use them
  • Guided Meditation to prepare for attunement
  • Reiki II Attunement
  • Documenting a Reiki session
  • Distant healing—how to send Reiki
  • How to conduct a Reiki session
  • Hands on practice with the symbols

Advanced Reiki Training (ART)

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) is about learning advanced techniques to strengthen your Reiki energy. It is the prerequisite for Reiki III/Master Teacher.

What you will learn in class:


  • The Reiki Grid—using Crystals to send Reiki continuously
  • The Usui Master Symbol
  • Guided Meditation to prepare for attunement
  • Advanced Reiki Attunement
  • Moving Meditation
  • Symbol Work—hands on practice with the Usui Master Symbol
  • Aura Balancing technique
  • Reiki Symbol Meditation—to connect more deeply with the Reiki symbols and to send Reiki for healing

Reiki III Master Teacher

Reiki III Master Teacher class includes Master level healing techniques as well as the knowledge and skills required to become a Master teacher. Instruction and practice time for giving all levels of Reiki attunements is included. Reiki Master Teacher is a two-day intensive class.

What you will learn in class:

REIKI III Master Teacher — $750

Day One

  • Difference between the Usui and Tibetan Systems of Reiki
  • Advanced Reiki Meditation to circulate chi in the body
  • Tibetan Master Symbols
  • Guided Meditation to prepare for Attunement
  • Reiki III/Master Attunement
  • Hui Yin Exercise —to connect the governing and functioning channels
  • Violet Breath—to open the person’s central channel and begin attunement
  • The Healing Attunement —to open a person’s energy field to receive a deeper healing and remove blocks. Demonstration and practice time

Day Two

  • How to perform all levels of attunements—demo and practice time
  • Values and Ethics of a Reiki Master
  • Teaching Reiki—putting a class together, class outlines, certificates, etc. 
  • Other Attunement Methods—Discussion and Demonstration

Karuna Reiki® Master

Karuna is a Sanskrit word, which translated means “compassionate action,” or “any action taken to diminish the suffering of others.” You will learn four Level One symbols, four Level Two symbols, and four Master symbols.

Karuna Reiki® classes can be taken individually: Karuna Reiki I Practitioner; Karuna Reiki II Practitioner, or Karuna Reiki III Master Teacher.
Practitioner levels I & II can also be taken as a two-day Practitioner only class or a 3-day Karuna Master class. You can complete Practitioner only level classes and come back later to complete the 3rd day of Master class.

Scheduling is flexible.

What you will learn in class:

Karuna Reiki® I Practitioner — $250

Day One

  • What Karuna Reiki is
  • Origin of Karuna Reiki®
  • Karuna and Spiritual Guidance
  • Four Level One Karuna symbols
  • Guided meditation to prepare for attunement
  • Attunement to Karuna Master I
  • Preparation for giving a Karuna Treatment
  • Hands-on practice time using the four Level One symbol

Karuna Reiki® II Practitioner — $250

Day Two

  • Healing the Shadow Self—Meditation and discussion
  • Four Level Two Karuna Symbols
  • Guided Meditation to prepare for attunement
  • Attunement to Karuna Master II
  • Hands-on practice time using the four Level Two symbols

Karuna Reiki® III Master Teacher— $500

Day Three

  • Four Karuna Master Symbols
  • Karuna Registered Program
  • Teaching Karuna Reiki®
  • Violet Breath and Hui Yin
  • Preparation before Giving Attunements
  • Instruction and practice in giving attunements for Karuna Practitioner and Master levels
  • Chanting and Toning with Karuna Reiki®