Preparing for Surgery

How do you prepare for surgery?

Preparing for SurgeryThe ideal preparation for surgery is 3 sessions that are a combination of Reiki and hypnosis. The combination of Reiki and hypnosis prepares your body and your mind for the best outcome. Number of sessions vary on how much time there is before surgery and personal preference.

The ideal time to prepare for surgery is four to six weeks in advance. However, many have contacted me just a few days before surgery and still had favorable outcomes from just one session.

Once you have contacted me I get to work right away to help you develop a customized plan. If we only have one or two sessions, I will send you a template of the hypnosis script which includes healing statements that I might include for your review and approval. You have the option of adding your own words and/or editing what I have written. Once you have sent this back to me, I develop your unique individual script .

The spoken part of the session is recorded on your iPhone or smart phone (if you physically come for a session) or I record it at my office and send it to you via email. You then listen to it every day before surgery (not while driving or when you need to concentrate on what you are doing). If approved by your surgeon and anesthesiologist, you can listen to the recording during surgery.

The recording includes your own personal healing statements, general relaxation, and imagery for a successful outcome.

What does the session include?

Using hypnosis to prepare for surgeryInitial session:

Discussion of upcoming surgery is done via phone or email prior to session.  Healing statements and a hypnosis script designed just for your upcoming surgery are then developed. The Hypnosis script is then recorded live during Reiki/hypnosis session. If not attending in person, prepare for surgery script is emailed to you prior to your surgery so you can begin to listen daily to prepare.

The in person session begins with Reiki and the hypnosis follows soon after.  You will be receiving Reiki during hypnosis to deepen the experience. When the hypnosis is complete, you will continue to receive Reiki for appoximately 15-20 more minutes. The live recording of hypnosis will be emailed to you after the session so you can begin to listen to it every day.

Cost is $225

Follow up sessions:

May be done in person or remotely. Each session reinforces the previous one. Session begins with 15–20 minutes of Reiki followed by hypnosis which includes healing statements, and finishes with 15–20 minutes of Reiki.

Cost is $125

If not attending in person, you can receive Reiki long distance or hypnosis using Zoom. Long distance sessions can only be distant Reiki or Hypnosis via Zoom or Face Time.

If the surgery is for cancer treatment and may involve chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy afterwards, a separate guided imagery/hypnosis to support these treatments can be included in follow up sessions.

I also offer remote/distant Reiki for day of surgery and afterwards to assist you in your recovery and healing. (See Services page for distant session fees).

Sample section of script

“See yourself a few hours and moments before the surgery (pause)………. See yourself breathing easily and relaxing deeply……….with each breath that you take, you become more and more relaxed…… A pleasant calm comes over you and you relax even more……….As you relax even more, you know you are being taken care of…..With each breath that you take, you become more and more relaxed….. By the time you enter surgery, you are deeply relaxed………The surgeons are experts and extremely capable……….. You are just fine, you are just fine………… The surgery goes very well………..……. Now imagine yourself in recovery and just opening your eyes…………… You feel relaxed. ……..You feel comfortable and relaxed…………. ALL IS WELL…… now see yourself several weeks after the surgery….full of energy……healing well……all is well….”

Client Testimonials

As a Reiki Master and certified hypnotist, I am aware of how preparing for surgery greatly affects the outcome and recovery period. That is why I went to Kathie before gastric surgery. Everything went so well, even the doctor noticed. When he checked on me the evening of the surgery, he said, “you don’t look like you’ve had surgery!” “I don’t feel like I had surgery” I replied. “Are you sure you did it?”

That was January 2015. And that is why in preparation for knee replacement surgery, I’m calling on Kathie again to help me prepare my body, mind and spirit for successful, easy surgery and a rapid successful recovery.

Thank you, Kathie!
With gratitude
— Sallie Bruno

I wanted to thank you for the Reiki CD you made for me for preparation for my neurosurgery in January. As you know, I was very nervous about both the surgery itself as well as my ability to heal afterwards. The fear was becoming so overwhelming. I listened to the CD you created to help me for several days before the surgery and each time I felt more of the fear disappearing. By the time the day of surgery arrived, I was calmer than my family and certainly calmer than I expected I would be.

After I came home, there were a number of issues I faced. Certainly, the physical recovery was required. But I think patience was really the key as I had to get through each day with more and more faith that I would make a complete recovery and that I had the patience to deal with the frustrations of not being able to do all the things I do normally for an extended period. Here the CD was really a gift to my spirit.

I still listen every day and it still helps me every day.

Reiki has been a blessing for me and having you as my teacher brought Reiki into my life in a way that I know I will value it always. So, thank you and I hope lots of Reiki Blessings come back to you every day!
— Kate

When I learned I needed surgery earlier this year, even something that could be considered as a “routine” surgery, I want into a complete panic attack. Giving myself self-Reiki, every day did help, but I still could not get my mind completely away from the “what if” mode. I spoke with Kathie both as a friend and as a nurse, and when she offered to help me prepare for the surgery, it seemed my mental load started to lift immediately at that moment, and I looked forward to her session.

A few days before the surgery, Kathie began the prep session with some Reiki to relax me, then she introduced gentle hypnosis. As she softly spoke, I felt a soft protective blanket of love surround me and my tension began to be replaced with optimism. Her script and the associated affirmations slowly moved toward the specific type of procedure I was having. As she spoke, I could picture myself moments before my surgery calmly breathing in and out. I could picture the surgeon and the medical team performing expertly while my angels and guides watched over them, and I could picture myself quickly coming out of the anesthesia with no after affects.

Since Kathie recorded the entire session on my iPhone, I was able to play the recording every morning and every night leading up to the surgery. I was amazed how my mental attitude shifted over just those few days. With each repetition, I relaxed more and more, knowing I could handle the surgery with more ease than I ever imagined.

When I was still awake in the operating room, I felt a bubble of light surrounding me and I kept hearing Kathie’s voice telling me all is well. The panic I expected to feel at the last minute never materialized and I truly believed that all was well.
— Rosemary Maginniss