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Private and Long-Distance Sessions Available

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Reiki Session

General Relaxation and Balancing session for the whole body, mind and spirit

Initial Session $125 | 90 minutes

Follow up sessions $100 | 60 minutes

Jikiden Reiki Session

This style of Reiki is a more focused session which addresses chronic or acute issues and zeros in on one or two major areas.

Initial Session $125 | 90 minutes

Follow up sessions $100 | 60 minutes

Intuitive Reiki Session

When you are stuck or need guidance, this session is a combination of Reiki and Kathie’s gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience with insight that moves one towards personal empowerment

First Session $150 | 90 minutes

Follow up Sessions $100 | 60 minutes

Reiki/Hypnosis Sessions

A combination of Reiki and Hypnosis

Initial Session $150 | approximately 90 minutes

Follow up sessions $100 | approximately 60 minutes

Long Distance Reiki Sessions

Receive a healing session long distance. Contact to set up an appointment.

30 minutes $50

45 minutes $75

60 minutes $90

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Ask about Senior (65+ years of age) discounts.

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