Testimonials for Kathie Lipinski

Kathie is a leader in the effort to bring Reiki into the mainstream. Her background, determination, wit, and ability to clearly articulate intangible concepts contribute to her success, which in turn benefits us all. So grateful to know her, and recommend highly that you get to know her as well.

— Heather McCutcheon RMT

I have known Kathie and her Reiki work for nearly 30 years. I have always found her to be an inspiration. I also find her to have the utmost integrity and superb ethics.

— Laurelle Gaia
Executive Director of Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Program and ICRT Mentor Teachers

I’ve worked with many teachers / mentors / healers over the years to expand my knowledge and skills in order to be a better teacher, mentor and healer for those seeking me out. Kathie’s dedication to her students as a teacher / mentor is what propelled me forward. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her belief in me and my abilities. She encouraged me to stretch and grow but more importantly she helped me believe in myself. Because of Kathie I have gone places that I thought I could never go!

— Maria Deesy
Step Into Wellness

I had first become acquainted with Kathie Lipinski at the Mid Atlantic Reiki Conference in 2013 where she participated on a panel regarding Reiki in health care and again at the Celebration of Reiki conference in Boston in 2016 where she gave a presentation on “Making Reiki real: Reiki as a credible practice”.  She is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker who encourages audience participation.

From these two experiences I was encouraged to seek her out as my Reiki Master teacher when I decided to become a Reiki Master teacher myself.  She constructed her teaching to fit my needs perfectly, enabling me to become a successful Reiki Master Teacher.  She is also excellent mentor and was very helpful in assisting me with preparation for teaching my first Reiki classes which were highly successful.  

If you are looking for an instructor or a guest speaker, I highly recommend Kathie Lipinski.

— Eileen Anderson, RN
CCRN Alumnus, Reiki Master teacher

I met Kathie almost 10 years ago for a reiki session and that one session was life changing for me.  Since then I have taken many reiki classes and workshops with Kathie and I always look forward to our reiki sessions.  Kathie is gifted, intuitive, very knowledgeable and truly leads from her heart.

— Laurel C. Torres

It is truly an honor to have Kathie facilitate workshops at Wellness and Reiki.  She brings with her, incredible high standards of professionalism and a tremendous sense of humor as well!  As a teacher Kathie invites her students to seek the answers that dwell within them.  She is empowering and inspiring.  Her generosity of Spirit is a gift to the community she serves.

— Bridget Salmaggi RMT

Kathie is an amazing Reiki teacher. Over the years, I have taken Reiki I and II, a Reiki Master Class, and Karuna Reiki with her. In the Reiki I and II classes I learned how to give Reiki treatments to myself and others. In the Master class I learned to be a Reiki teacher and give Reiki attunements. In Karuna Reiki, learned the highly spiritual aspects of Reiki energy.

Kathie has a wonderful teaching manner. She presents the class material in a clear and concise way, while at the same time including the Spiritual aspects of a Reiki practice. I also loved the guided meditations she did to relax us before giving attunements.

She includes plenty of hands on practice in her classes and makes sure that all her students have a clear understanding of what Reiki is, the history and philosophy behind it, and how it relates to modern life.

Taking Kathie’s classes were life-changing for me. I learned how to integrate Reiki into my everyday life and my Spiritual practice.
For anyone wishing to become a Reiki practitioner or teacher, or just to bring your life to the next level, I highly recommend Kathie’s classes. She is kind, loving, down to Earth, and professional.

— Wendy Ann Zellea
Spiritual Author and IT Professional

Kathie’s class provided so many wonderful experiences.  Not only did we learn an exciting new way to heal and love with reiki, but also, we all bonded together and had a total blast!  This is the kind of environment Kathie creates….one of safety, laughter, warmth and enlightenment.

— Lisa H.


You are a wonderful teacher … knowledgeable, down to earth and a very powerful healer.  I’m quite grateful to be your student.   I’m looking forward to knowing you and learning in your presence for many years to come.

— P. Parker, DC



Just love Kathie and her classes!!! Her knowledge and incredible warmth make for an amazing learning experience!!!!

— Ivi Dickman Brenner



With the new age of information, it’s challenging to find articles that you can truly connect with. These days I find articles very vague and empty leading up to self-promotion, which I understand, however leaving one in limbo. I just completed reading your article Reiki for Summer 2010 “Reiki Myths and Misconceptions” and it was one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time. I’ve referred many of my friends and associates to the article. Thanks again for opening us up and providing us with a solid filled article.

— Tanya




Kathie is a Godsend to everyone she has met, taught or given Reiki to. I was blessed to have her as a Reiki teacher and mentor for years as I became a Reiki Master. It’s thanks to Kathie that I am the empowered woman I am today. She is an inspiration, a shining light in today’s world.

— Genevieve Toland




I am so grateful to have had Kathie be my instructor for Reiki.  She teaches it unadulterated and pure, without any personal twists on the true nature of what it is, a healing energy.  She also encourages me to follow my heart, as that is where my true intuition lies.  In practice, I put these two together and have witnessed the magical powers of this divine energy work miracles in people.

— Sandra Toles




Kathie Lipinski is a wonderful teacher. I first learned Reiki 2 years before I met Kathie. Even though it changed my life I knew I needed a new teacher, I felt there was something missing that I wasn’t receiving from my current teacher. When I met Kathie, I scheduled a private class with her to go over what I had learned and for her to fill in the blanks for me. I knew that day that she was the right teacher for me. She spoke about the history of reiki and brought me up to date with the latest discoveries of the reiki roots. After taking two more levels with her, I started teaching on my own within 2 months and have always felt I had support whenever I needed it. I feel supported in my business and she is always there to help further my knowledge and experience. Thank you, Kathie, for being such a wonderful teacher and support.

— Elise Manzo

Received my Reiki News Mag. today and just finished your excellent article. I really appreciated your different ideas and approach to individualizing and getting our own style of teaching. 

I totally enjoy reading your articles and look forward to them.

— Marie





Thanks so much for your wonderful work.  I believe the reiki with hypnosis is a fantastic combination for healing the “negative” tape we all have running in our head which doubts and berates.  The creative visualization puts back all the good stuff!

— Marylou





I’ve read several of your articles for Reiki News Magazine and enjoyed them, but especially loved the podcast you were in for Reiki Radio (Elizabeth Scala RN) in November (2014). As a massage therapist and reiki master/teacher I too have had the experience of demystifying the use of reiki on broken limbs, cancer patients or other traumas. Your explanations were awesome. I’ve had plenty of clients that have had injuries that I have had to hold off from massaging, but reiki is always there, and I think it’s one of reiki’s best aspects. Thank you for all the work you are doing to share it, teach it, and research it.

— Bob

I absolutely loved your article on “Reiki and Nursing,” published in the Feb ’07 edition of the Reiki Times (I’m an IARP member).  Your article is well written and gives such a wonderful perspective on using Reiki in nursing practice that I’d love to make it available to fellow nurses.  As you know, it’s all about education when it comes to Reiki, as most have such a hard time at first even understanding what it is, much less how they could use it.

— Bea

To: info@iarp.org

I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing the article “Making Reiki Real” by Kathie Lipinsky in your articles section.  It’s one of the best articles I’ve ever read on what Reiki is, how it works, and how it can benefit us and all areas of our lives.  Wonderful wonderful article. Thank you to the author Kathie Lipinsky for writing it and to IARP for sharing it on the website.


Kathie is an amazing, special and talented Reiki teacher and healer. I took all level of Reiki class under her guidance and all experience was unique and memorable. I have been blessed to have many wonderful teachers in my life, but Kathie is the best. I am grateful that to have met her on this wonderful journey! I highly recommend her class and her events.

— Rita Shulman

Kathie teaches with Wisdom, Knowledge, Compassion, Humility and Humor. Her only goal is to teach us all to confidently heal ourselves and heal humanity. Her Nursing background allows her to give a complete all-encompassing Reiki experience.

— Cathy Pound Panica

I am so very grateful to have attended Kathie’s Reiki I & II Workshop. I knew from the moment I made contact with Kathie she was the Reiki Master for me. Learning this wonderful healing system from her has been a pure joy and her practical and down to earth approach ensures that the knowledge she imparts becomes grounded firmly within her students.  She is so very enlightened.  I am extremely honored that Kathie continues to guide me when I reach out to her. You can trust Kathie when says she will mentor her students during and after her training as she absolutely keeps her word.  She truly keeps Reiki in her heart and I highly recommend this compassionate and loving Reiki Master Teacher.  Kathie, I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

— Joanie Blinn
Reiki Master Teacher (West Virginia)