Western-Style Reiki

Please note there are no classes currently being offered due to Covid.
Please contact Kathie directly with any inquiries.

Reiki classes are designed for anyone, any age, who wishes to learn Reiki from the beginning level to Master Teacher level. (This also includes Karuna Reiki which can be taken after Reiki Master Teacher class).

Anyone can learn Reiki as it is our natural ability to heal ourselves and others. There are no prerequisites to begin your Reiki journey. All you need to have is an open mind and compassionate heart to begin.

As you advance towards Reiki Master teacher level, there are requirements such as documentation of sessions and practice hours to develop experience.

The foundation of your journey begins with learning self-Reiki as a way to promote health and well-being. From that it naturally extends out to offering Reiki to others.

After taking a Reiki class you can treat yourself every day with Reiki and offer sessions which are deeply relaxing and balancing for the body, mind and spirit.